Solving the healthcare staffing crisis is not just about recruitment and ....

its not just about money

ShiftPartner rethinks how staff are trained, deployed and rewarded, enabling organisations to create a learning, thriving culture and achieve the holy grail of getting the

right person, in the right place, at the right time

ShiftPartner is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary staffing app and workforce solution

Science-based and AI-Powered

Combine the powers of behavioural and data science, and artificial intelligence to promote functional flexibility, staff development and staff retention.

Make the NHS the destination for a purposeful and progressive career!

Unleash your teams’ full potential

Optimise workforce efficiency while prioritising staff well-being. Foster career development and motivate by aligning with staff goals

Find the right person with the right skills in seconds

Use unique granular data to describe both your work and workforce capabilities to deploy your teams effectively and identify development needs

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